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Submitted manuscripts must not have been previously published or simultaneously offered to another publisher for publication in German. Moreover, we ask our authors to submit contributions that are not available elsewhere. However, contributions that have been published in another language can be accepted as translations for WSI-Mitteilungen, provided they successfully pass our double-blinded peer-review process and their authors act within the copyright agreements they have with other publishers. In the case of an article having been published in another language prior to its publication in WSI-Mitteilungen, our authors must indicate the place of publication in the first footnote of their contribution to WSI-Mitteilungen.

The journal and all individual articles and illustrations it contains are protected by copyright. Any re-use that is not expressly granted by copyright law requires the previous consent of the publisher.

1. Assignment of rights

Upon acceptance of publication, the author transfers to the publisher the following rights with respect to his or her work for the duration of the legal copyright: the exclusive, worldwide and temporally unrestricted right to reproduce and distribute in physical form; the right to public reproduction and public display; the right to inclusion in databases; the right to store on electronic data storage media; the right to distribute and reproduce such storage media; and the right to make other use of the work in electronic form. This final right includes the use of electronic forms that are, at present, unknown. This granting of rights also covers the exploitation of the rights of use both by the Publisher itself as well as through the transfer or the granting (including partially) of rights to third parties.

2. Right of secondary use and self-archiving

After the expiry of one year, the author may publish the manuscript version of his or her work elsewhere, according to the requirements set out in § 38 Para. 1 Sent. 2 and Para. 2 of the Copyright Act.

The right to self-archiving on the author's own web site and the web site of the institution where he or she works (cf. § 38 Para. 4 of the Copyright Act) remains unaffected. Nomos Publishing is a "green publisher." Details about the right to self-archiving can be found in the SHERPA/RoMEO-List.

3. Payment

Provided that author's royalties are being paid by the publishing organ, the rights listed under 1. are to be considered paid for in their entirety by the agreed upon one-time lump sum payment. If a sales-based payment arrangement has been agreed to for the printed version, then the same payment arrangement applies to revenues from electronic utilization. The invoicing takes place at the same interval as for the printed version.

For periodicals that are also financed by authors' and publishers' subsidies or by third parties, it may be assumed that the subsidy needs were reduced by a waiver of royalties. Therefore, separate payment claims exist only in the context of new utilization forms and/or when the revenues earned with a known utilization form prove to be significantly above average.

4. Statutory payment (VG Wort)

The author transfers to the publisher the statutory payment claims arising from all forms of publication of the work. The publisher authorizes the collecting society VG Wort, or another collecting society that jointly observes the rights of publishers and authors (§ 63a Copyright Act), to assert the statutory payment claims. If these statutory payment claims have already been assigned to a collecting society, then the author and the publisher agree that these claims will be treated there as joint rights. Disbursements to the author and publisher take place according to the distribution plans in effect at the VG Wort.

Note: This regulation does not change the fact that authors are still required to report their journal articles to VG Wort themselves and receive their corresponding payments from there. It merely clarifies that the rights held by the VG Wort, as established in the company bylaws, are treated as joint rights, regardless of whether they originate with the author or the publisher in a given instance. This clarification appears necessary inasmuch as a current legal dispute has contested participation of the publisher in the VG Wort's disbursements according to the disbursement formula resolved by the VG Wort and used since its founding.

5. Manuscript processing

Unsolicited, submitted manuscripts--for which no liability is assumed--are considered proposals for publication according to the terms of the publisher. The editors allow themselves a longer period for examining submissions. No liability is assumed for damage or loss. Only unpublished original works are accepted. The author grants his or her consent to a non-distorting editorial treatment of the submitted work.

Works identified by name do not always reflect the opinions of the anthologist/editor or publisher.

6. Reviews

We offer no guarantee that unsolicited submitted review pieces will be discussed or returned.

The regulations of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V. (German Publishers and Booksellers Association) for the use of book reviews (status 9/2013) apply to the use of review extracts. These can be viewed at the Website of the Publishers and Booksellers Association.

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