Key research topics

WSI research covers issues of employment and institutional change in a globalising world, the quality of work as well as questions of redistribution and social security, industrial relations and collective bargaining policy. The focus of labour market related research is on strategies combating precarious employment, collective wages, employee representation and industrial action. Poverty, health and pension policy, as well as gender inequality are research topics of general social concern. A growing number of projects take a European perspective and draw on international comparisons.

WSI: Key research topics : Labour market and working conditions

In recent years, labour market policy has been challenged by huge structural changes, most of all by the increase in non-standard and often also precarious forms of employment. Moreover, quality of work has changed – growing job-related stress being one major example.

Labour market and working conditions

WSI: Key research topics : Europe and European policies

The research area monitors economic, social and political developments on the European level and evaluates the consequences, risks and opportunities for employees, households, firms and the future of the welfare state.

Europe and European policies