Facts and figures

: Poverty, wealth and income

What are the poverty and wealth rates and lines in Germany? Are there still differences among East and West Germany? What about children and the elderly? How did gross earnings, net incomes and real gross wages of households develop in the last decade?

Surveys and data collections

WSI research empirically draws on a number of unique surveys, data collections and documentations. Data use is not restricted to internal projects, but also offered to interested scholars from other institutions. Tables, analyses and graphs in professional quality layout are available for free download via online web portals.

: WSI Collective Agreement Archive

As the DGB trade unions’ documentation centre, the WSI Collective Agreements Archive documents and evaluates ongoing collective bargaining. The Internet pages give information on the development of collective bargaining policy and the collective agreement provisions and benefits in over 50 sectors of the economy in West and East Germany.

: WSI Minimum Wages Database

Data, graphs and an interactive map give an updated overview of the development and amount of minimum wages in the EU and selected OECD countries.

: WSI Gender Database

The Gender Database provides comprehensive data and over 200 graphs on gender-related inequality with brief analyses, tables, methodical pointers and explanations of termsTopics include gainful employment, unemployment, working hours, inequality of pay and managerial positions as well as many other issues.

: WSI Works Councils Survey

Works councils in every sector of the German economy have been surveyed regularly since 1997 for the WSI Works Councils Survey. One of the focal issues is the relationship of works councils to employers, employees and trade unions.

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