The WSI Labour Force Panel's current findings on willingness to vote for the AfD: The AfD's Polling High

This report uses ten survey waves by the WSI Labour Force Panel to analyse the willingness to vote for the AfD against the backdrop of the AfD's current polling high. In addition to voter migration, AfD voters are profiled in terms of their demographic and labour- related characteristics as well as their concerns, their confidence and their perspective on the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The report also analyses how new AfD voter groups differ from established regular voters on these points. It is shown that the AfD has recently also appealed to voter groups that it was previously unable to reach and that differ from more established AfD voters. However, AfD voters are uniformly characterised as highly stressed, distrustful and highly concerned. Limiting immigration appears to be the unifying theme that also appeals to new groups of AfD voters who share other AfD positions less strongly and have not yet built up too much trust in the AfD.


Hövermann, Andreas: The AfD's Polling High
WSI Report, Düsseldorf, 45 Seiten

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